Free your TV

What if you could free your TV from its box?
What if you could continue to watch your favorite
TV shows without any compromises, on any device, whenever you want, as they air, in broadcast quality, without any internet congestion and - for free?

Introducing V@Home TV Gateway


Your personal TV broadcaster

How fantastic would it be, if you could watch and record Live Sports, News and the best new TV shows In high quality, where, how and when you want it? With VBox V@Home you can.

V@Home TV Gateway sits on your home network, connects to Free-To-Air Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial TV sources, and records live TV to storage that you attach. Using our free apps on iOS and Android, or your PC, Mac, media streamer, gaming console and Smart TV, you can watch live TV, record your favorite shows, and watch them anywhere - at home. *

Sit back and enjoy Live TV


television-with-you-LTelevision with you

How great would it be if you had the freedom to choose what to watch and where?

The V@Home TV Gateway brings Live TV to your iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Smartphone allowing you watch your favorite TV show, when other members of your home watching or recording their favorite shows.**

Record a live TV show directly to a removable storage or network folder/NAS and never worry about your mobile devices' free capacity.


In fact the TV can follow you. Cast a live or recorded program from your Tablet to your PC, Mac, or even the big screen and continue watching where you left off. How cool is that!***


the-ultimate-remote-LThe ultimate remote

What if you had a TV remote that would show you what’s coming next and what’s playing now on all the channels or you could even schedule to watch or record a TV show right from your remote?

V@Home redefines the TV remote

The free VBox@TV app makes your Tablet and Smartphone the ultimate TV remote. With full Electronic Program Guide (EPG) identifying channels by their name, listing current and future TV programs with detailed TV program synopsis, helping you to find what to watch or record.

You can even preview a show on your mobile device before switching the channel on your big screen!


TV-with-UPnP-DevicesBig screen TV

Enjoy the uncompromised Full HD 1080p with surround sound on the Big Screen

Stream to your big screen

The V@Home TV Gateway streams to UPnP companion devices such as a media streamer, gaming console, PC or Mac connected to your TV. Or you can stream directly to some of the latest generation Smart TVs in full broadcast quality.


house-dvr-LWhole House DVR

Wouldn’t it be great if you could record any TV program live or future from any device, even if the device has insufficient storage?

And what if you could also watch any of the recorded TV programs from any device?

Recording at your fingertips

With the V@Home you can record up to 4 different TV programs at the same time. Recording is stored on a removable storage attached directly to the V@Home or a network Windows shared folder or NAS(SMB/CIFS). You can playback recording on as many devices as your network allows.


what-can-i-watch1What can I watch?


Chances are, Live TV, news, sports, reality and the best looking HDTV from major TV channels is available to you for free.

Most of us don’t realize it, but broadcast TV is available - free - to the majority of the world population. It might seem like a retro way to get TV, but it’s the best kept secret ever.

Pay TV

Looking for specific premium PayTV content? Get the V@Home CI to watch and record encrypted content on all your connected devices.

The V@Home is the first TV Gateway that shares up to 2 CAM CI with all your connected devices, decrypting different Pay TV channels and merges all TV - free and Pay TV, into one homogeneous TV stream that you can watch and record from all connected devices.

For a list of available Free-To-Air and Pay TV channels in your area, follow the links below or consult your local broadcaster:


How much does it cost?

VBox does not charge any monthly subscription fees!
Simply buy the V@Home TV Gateway that is right for you and instantly save money with Free-To-Air high quality Live TV.
Pay TV content is available via a CAM CI module that is not provided by VBox, some CI modules open all channels at purchase while other require monthly subscription.

The money you can save…


* Estimated average savings for European customer who cuts cable TV and uses V@Home with Free-To-Air Live TV


What V@Home is right for me?

V@Home hardware comes in different shapes and sizes to best suite your needs and budget.

  • Choose your country to learn about dedicated solutions available in your region - Or -
  • Choose your TV source - Satellite (DVB-S/S2), Cable (DVB-C) or Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2)
  • Choose the content - for Pay TV and Free-To-Air models choose the CI models
  • Choose number of simultaneous users - 2 or 4

VBox offers unique devices that merge different TV sources into a single V@Home TV Gateway, allowing you to connect your Satellite and Terrestrial or Cable TV feeds with Free-To-Air and Pay TV channel options.

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