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How it works

The V@Home TV Gateway is a revolutionary device, it sits on your home network and streams your favorite TV channels to your connected devices. Without using your bandwidth or data plan. Simply plug your Satellite, Terrestrial or Cable TV feeds directly to the V@Home to watch and record Free or Paid multiple channels, across your home.



VBox in the media

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"offers a fairly simple - and highly flexible -
means of getting live and recorded broadcast TV
content to virtually any device"
  "V-Box: eine Kiste, die keine allzu komplizierten
Installationen erfordert und erschwinglich ist"
  "The ultimate Live TV and PVR solution for HTPC"



V@Home DVR delivers cable, satellite TV right onto your mobile device



Free the TV: VBox's DVR lets you record and watch from any device


bannerLive TV on your Tablet and Smartphone

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The Application only operates with Vbox V@Home TV Gateway

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